New Website + New Game


As my gaming interests change, so to will my pursuits that revolve around this hobby, including the efforts I put into various design projects that I display here. For a litter over a year I used this website to showcase various Malifaux related projects, models I painted for it, card designs I came up with to use during it, as well as other odds and ends that went a long with that game, but lately my level of interested for that game has diminished some. While I still continue to enjoy it, and plan to continue playing it, it's less of a focus for now.    

The new direction for this site brings together both my professional self, and my hobby self, to showcase the board games that I re-design, and hopefully future games that i'm hired to design from scratch. 

The newest game that i've started to work on is the 18xx game, 1889! I've only recently become aware of this genre of games, and have still not played one yet, so maybe it's a little crazy to do all this work on something that I might not enjoy the play of...but heck, i'm all in. I mainly blame Punching Cardboard and Heavy Cardboard for this obsession, and look forward to HeavyCon in May where I have a scheduled game of 1889 set on the calendar ready to go.  

I picked 1889 because I heard it's a good beginner 18xx, but I also just watched the movie Isle of Dogs, and the design from that film (which is astonishing), inspired me to to start working on this project. There's more to an 18xx game then just the map, so as I work through all the different aspects, I'll document the progress here on this blog. 

If you have any feedback on the direction so far, and as I go, please feel free to comment. 

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