I'm a board gamer by night and a graphic designer by day. I'm happiest when I have the opportunity to merge these two worlds together. I love the mental push of problem-solving during a board game and love it even more when I can experience it on a beautifully designed board. 

With my background in design, I work with board game creators on their graphic design needs, and love to selfishly redesign games from scratch.


If you're looking for a graphic designer to help bring your game to life, feel free to reach out!


The Rat

An eighties themed, social deduction, hidden role game; with a twist.


When a game is hard to come-by, make your own! This was a personal undertaking to redesign the Splotter game Indonesia. 


Another personal project to redesign this cooperative card game. 



My bug re-theme of the hard to come by game, Arboretum.


Deck of cards designed for the game Malifaux.

Will Power One

A second deck of Malifaux cards.