Thanks for swinging by and checking out my game-centric design work. I hope you like it. Although I've been a graphic designer for 13 years and a gamer my whole life, I only recently decided to merge these two interests together and pursue more design work in the board game arena. 

This website originally started off as a place to house many of my personal gaming projects that revolve around the tabletop strategy game Malifaux. Some of that material is still accessible via my Design Journal (aka blog), as well as a gallery I still keep of the Malifaux models I've painted. I continue to enjoy that game, but overall it felt too narrow of a scope for this site, so I decided to branch out by displaying some of the re-designs I've done for a few games that I love.  

Most of these games are either out of print (Arboretum), and hard to get (Indonesia), or just ugly (Hanabi). The idea to re-design games would not have happened had I not come across Ilya's print-and-play version of Dune on Board Game Geek -- what a beautiful rework of the game, and an obvious labor of love. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to re-make it myself. That was my first taste of recreating a game, and led me on the journey I'm on now. Next up on my design list is the 18xx game, 1889!

I also work as a professional graphic designer by day. If you're interested in learning more about my design work, you can visit that portfolio.

If you'd like to chat about design and board games, and maybe even a project that you think might fit my skill set, I'm all ears.